Brian Peters Traditional Songs and Music from England
The Derby Ram (maritime version)
Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club, 2010
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Mr. Moore’s Hornpipe (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Lay the Bent to the Bonny Broom (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Six Nights Drunk (Words © B. Peters, tune Trad. Arr.)
Old Man (A. Gradwell)
Bold Lovell (Trad. Arr. Peters)
The Farmer’s Curst Wife (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Dallas Rag (Trad. Arr. Peters)
The Golden Vanity (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Lord Randal  (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Chips and Fish (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Jolly Roving Tar (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Waltzing's for Dreamers (R. Thompson)
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Scarborough Fair
Moira Furnace Folk Festival, 2013
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Good Companion (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Dallas Rag
Sheffield Folk Festival, 2007
More from this performance:
All Around My Hat (Trad. arr. Peters)
Hind Horn (Trad. arr. Peters)
Earth (Words: Les Barker; Tune: B. Peters)
Six Nights Drunk (Trad. arr. Peters)
The Derby Ram (Trad. Arr. Peters)
The Golden Vanity (Trad. arr. Peters)
The Golden Vanity
Cheltenham Folk Festival 2009
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Georgie (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Cold Stringy Pie (Trad. Arr. Peters)
The Blossom and the Rain (© Brian Peters)
Melodeon instrumentals recorded by ‘Folkbox’
More from this performance:
Mr. Moore's Hornpipe / The Red Otter (Trad. Arr.Peters)
The Garden off the Green (© B. Peters)
Nottingham Castle / The Spa (Trad. Arr. Peters)
Prince of Cabourg's / Brown's Hornpipe (Trad. Arr. Peters)